Ramsgate Harbour



It’s been an incredibly busy year for Ramsgate Salvation Army.

Providing accommodation, food parcels and various activities has, according to Carl Whitehead, proved tremendously strenuos but very satisfying.

Carl, who is a member of Ramsgate Rotary Club, told members at their fortnightly Zoom meeting that last year food parcels had cost in the region of £6,500 pounds compared with £3,000 the previous year.

He paid tribute to the help, and financial support, which had been given by Thanet council, including individual members of staff.

He was introduced and thanked for his talk by President Julie Miller.

The latest job by the Rotary Club on the work it is doing on the West Chyne, was planting some bulbs. Taking part were President Julie Miller, Maria Blackburn and Pat Hersant. The work is being done in conjunction with the Western Undercliff Group

Despite the fact we are currently unable to hold our normal weekly meetings, members of Ramsgate Rotary

Club are continuing to play their part in trying to fulfil community duties.

Weare spending time ‘cleaning up’ The Chyne on Ramsgate West Cliff, in conjunction with the Western  Undercliff Group .

We are being led by President Julie Miller, who said: “ Although life is far from normal members are trying their best to maintain their community links and this is a project we felt was very worthwhile.”