Ramsgate Harbour



Members of the Club and the Inner Wheel joined forces to give a Sunday afternoon special time for about 40 elderly residents of local homes.

Rotarians provide transport for the guests to go on a mystery afternoon ride and ended up at Minster Village Hall where a sumptuous tea was awaiting them, prepared by Inner Wheel members.

In the past year the Club has donated £4,388 to charity It includes £1,300 to Ramsgate Inner Wheel. A figure which was half the profit from the annual joint venture charity shop.

Polio Plus £250 Salvation Army £200

Winter shelter £200 Porchlight £1,000

Tune into Care £1,152 RNLI £250

Outing for elderly £36.48

The money came from the following:

The charity shop £2,065 Christmas float £3,685

Rotary District Grant £573 Quiz £289

Raffle donation £25