Ramsgate Harbour



Ramsgate Rotary Club members, met face to face for the first time since lockdown, in the garden of President Julie Miller.

They discussed plans for future activities, including this year’s Christmas collections which will be limited since the club has disposed of its popular Santa Sleigh .It was agreed that the annual outing and tea party for local residents would be postponed until next year, but it was hoped to repeat its popular school collections of toys for the disposal of the social services to deserving local cases.Members are already giving thought to the best way of celebrating the founding of the club 100 years ago in December next year.

Anybody interested in considering membership of the club should make contact through the contact page.

The Club has elected Julie Miller as President for the coming year- the second time she has held the office.She said it was obviously going to be a tough year but for the time being anyway, meetings would continue to be held fortnightly by using Zoom. She was sorry the club was losing two more members, including President Henry Holding, to whom she paid tribute for the work he had done during his presidential year. She said: ” Our activities will be changed as we are unable to continue our fund raising as we have done in former years. We no longer have our sleigh as the people to tow it and the members to walk the streets collecting are not available. Hopefully we will still be able to collect at the local supermarkets but this is a case of crossing our fingers and hoping. “We should be able to do our school toy collections for under privileged children as we can use our cars as we did last year. This means a lot to a great many people. “The club in future will not just focus on collections but will look to ways of supporting the local community. This could mean helping out at the local food bank, packing or delivering and I have made some preliminary inquiries and await a reply.

‘We will continue to support the winter shelter and also Phillip Raiser who is a Friend of Rotary in his endeavour to continue to make face visors for the local surgeries and homes for the elderly. I am hopeful that as we are going into the community we will raise our profile and attract new people who will see us and may wish to to join us when they see the activities we are involved in. We all need to promote the club. Mrs Miller said she wanted the club to support her choice of charity, Ramsgate Lifeboat, one of the busiest and very deserving. She went on:“We need to get new members as we have slowly lost some over the years. I am sorry to say that unless we do gain more members we will seriously have to consider future of the club as unfortunately we are an ageing club and we only have six members that are able to attend and give practical help. We do have three other members but due to family, health and work commitments are unable to give help on a regular basis. I would like us to reach our hundredth birthday but will have to wait and see.”

Although Ramsgate Rotary Club,like all others, cannot hold its usual meetings the club is still very active. It is having fortnightly meetings on Zoom, which have been well attended, organised by Secretary Maria Blackburn. Members have decided to donate their usual meeting meal costs to the Ramsgate Salvation Army Food Bank and are also supporting the work of Friend of Rotary, Philip Reiser who is a key force with an organisation set up to provide face shields for front line workers. Already more than 90 NHS Trusts and similar organisations , such as care homes have made use of the services provided by 3Dcrowd. It has a target of raising £250,000 and has already achieved more than £143,000. Anybody wishing to learn more should go to 3Dcrowd.uk. Outgoing President Henry Golding said: “It has been a great privilege to serve the club in what has been an extremely difficult year, and we look forward to being able to get back to our usual meetings and continue to serve the community in more acceptable ways”. Anybody wishing to know more about the Rotary Club should contact the e mail address ramsgaterotaryclubsec@gmail.com