Meetings with a Difference

Although Ramsgate Rotary Club,like all others, cannot hold its usual meetings the club is still very active. It is having fortnightly meetings on Zoom, which have been well attended, organised by Secretary Maria Blackburn. Members have decided to donate their usual meeting meal costs to the Ramsgate Salvation Army Food Bank and are also supporting the work of Friend of Rotary, Philip Reiser who is a key force with an organisation set up to provide face shields for front line workers. Already more than 90 NHS Trusts and similar organisations , such as care homes have made use of the services provided by 3Dcrowd. It has a target of raising £250,000 and has already achieved more than £143,000. Anybody wishing to learn more should go to Outgoing President Henry Golding said: “It has been a great privilege to serve the club in what has been an extremely difficult year, and we look forward to being able to get back to our usual meetings and continue to serve the community in more acceptable ways”. Anybody wishing to know more about the Rotary Club should contact the e mail address